As a small business owner, you have a lot on your plate. I am guessing you can’t remember when you last changed the furnace filter or had your HVAC units serviced. I don’t blame you! If it wasn’t for our maintenance agreements, I wouldn’t even think about our building maintenance until something goes wrong!

Some issues are big. You can’t open your restaurant without operating walk-ins or grills. These are essential to your operations. But I want to talk about the small maintenance items that could be hurting your bottom line. One I bet you never think about is painting. Not maintaining the exterior of your business could cost you in the long run. The time to fix these issues is when you notice them.

Water infiltration is the worst of the poor building maintenance issues we see quite frequently. I know, who wants to think about that! But eventually you will have to. You can wait for rot to form or mold to grow, but that will hurt your profit in ways you can’t fully appreciate until it happens to you. But there is more . . .

Poor maintenance also leads to bad feelings with your patrons. It is good practice every so often to try to tour your business with fresh eyes – maybe even enlist the help of friends. Invite them to your business for a free lunch or service and ask them to give you an honest opinion of how your business makes them feel. Is it clean, is the paint dingy and outdated? Is it neat and organized or do you need to spend some time sprucing the place up?

A few hours of spring cleaning and a painting project or two will prove a valuable investment into how your customers feel about their overall experience with your company. If your budget is tight, think about adding an accent wall or just painting the trim and doors. A little bit of effort or investment really does go a long way when it comes to painting your business!