Designers have always had problems finding the right paint for high traffic areas while meeting the design intent.  The options in the past were high gloss or epoxy paints.  Many times, owners did not want the shinny look of high gloss or the difficulty or expense of apply epoxy paints.  Scuff resistant paints are not just another alternative, they are a new line of paints relying on new technology to achieve a scuff resistant paint job in any color of the lower sheen like eggshell.

From restaurants to car dealerships to day care centers, these paints will help extend the maintenance repaint cycle saving you valuable time and money.  The initial paint job will cost you an additional 25% or so, but we think you will save at least this much of the course of the first five years or so. For a free consultation on using this product on your next commercial painting project, just give us a call.  We’d be happy to help!