The photo is of a bad paint job at a business in downtown Indianapolis. We were hired to make it right.

At some point in life, everyone wants something repainted.  The next, inevitable question is should I do the work myself.  Consider the following to help make that decision?

  • Do I have the time and skills required to complete the painting project in the allotted time?  There is nothing that turns your customers off more than an incomplete or poorly executed paint job.  We’ve all seen the wall paint slopped all over the edge of the ceiling grid or roller bumps on ceiling tiles or the terrible cut-in job on the baseboards.  If you don’t possess the skills to complete the project quickly and professionally, I would have a reputable painting contractor do the work – your customers will thank you!
  • Do I have the appropriate tools for the painting work?  The expense of painting tools is minimal but if this is a one-off project it may be best to save your money on the tools and spend it on the contractor.  A good set of paint tools can cost $100.  Not to mention the ladders to paint the stairwells or the drop clothes to protect the floors.  Sometimes it makes good sense to have a professional painting contractor complete the project.
  • If something goes wrong, do I have insurance to cover it?  It is time well spent asking your insurance agent if you have coverage in case something happens.  If you or an employee get injured falling off a ladder or get paint on a customer’s belongings, you want to make sure you are protected from the loss.

A skilled painting contractor should be able to finish your project quickly, professionally and safely.  Hiring a reputable painting contractor is often money well spent and will give your customers a good impression of your business.